How To Beautify Your Beauty Salon Floor Plans

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Are you looking for your ideal beauty Salon Floor Plans to meet your day to day needs as well as the local by-law and the building code requirements?

You may have just leased an existing unit and need to remodel the layout, do some alteration or move some walls around to meet your needs. Send us the hand sketch of the changes you would like to do.

If you have existing unit drawings along with the site plan/survey, email them to us. If you do not have the as-built drawings then we will come out, take measurements of the unit and turn it into computer drawings and prepare the hair salon design based on your needs.

Leave your information below so that we contact you for more information and provide you with a FREE estimate for your ideal hair salon design.

Please note that the local municipality may require you to provide an updated survey. This has to be done by a licensed surveyor. Leave us your contact info to have a licensed surveyor call you for an estimate.

Tips: Changing a unit to a hair salon may involve changes in mechanical system,number of the washrooms, new plumbing and change in number of the exits.

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