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Why do I need a Building Permit?

By applying for a building permit, you will ensure that:

q     The construction, as proposed, will meet the Building Code standards and other municipal requirements such as zoning and heritage.

q     Your project meets minimum structural, fire, health and safety, building standards as legislated by the Province.

Although you may authorize your contractor or designer to apply for the permit on your behalf, this does not reduce your responsibilities under the Act. You must ensure your contractor or designer obtains a building permit before the commencement of any construction, renovation or demolition activity.

Your responsibility continues through the construction process. The Ontario Building Code requires the permit holder or the owner of the property to give notice to the Building Inspector of the readiness for inspection at specific stages of construction. (Contact information and required inspections will be included with your permit.)

Persons who construct without a Building Permit, where a Building Permit is required, are in violation of the Ontario Building Code Act. The Ontario Building Code is designed to ensure that minimum health and safety standards, including fire protection standards, are incorporated into the design and construction of every building in Ontario. When work proceeds by a contractor without benefit of a Building Permit, there is no independent third-party review by a certified Building Official, for the benefit of the property owner, to help ensure that work is being done in accordance with the Ontario Building Code. Your insurance may not cover claims that may arise as a result of construction undertaken without a permit. Safety standards may be omitted to your detriment and any occupant (present and future) of the building.

When do I need a Building Permit?

Under the Ontario Building Code Act, a building permit is required for the construction of a new building, an addition, or alteration of any building or structure which results in a building area of over 10 square metres (approximately 108 square feet).

The following is a list of typical projects that require a permit:

q     A deck that is adjacent to or attached to the house and its walking surface is more than 600 mm (24 in.) above the adjacent grade

q     An elevated deck providing principal access to a building

q     A deck that is independent from the house (e.g. is in the middle of the yard) and has a walking surface greater than 10 square metres (approximately108 square feet) in area and its walking surface is more than 600 mm (24 in.) above the adjacent grade

q     Attached or detached garages and sheds

q     Installation of solid fuel appliances (i.e. woodstoves and fireplaces)

q     Sunrooms, solariums and porches

q     Alterations to a plumbing system (except replacing fixtures)

q     Structural foundation repairs

q     Demolition

q     Interior and exterior structural alterations, such as,

o       adding or removing walls, i.e., creating different room sizes and/or uses

o       one and two storey additions

o       new windows where there were none before

o       enlarging or relocating a window or door

o       finishing a basement

q     Installation of cleanouts and backwater valves

q     Conversion from septic to sanitary sewer

q     Livestock buildings

q     Equipment storage buildings

q     Silos

q     Manure storage structures (exclusion – earthen)

q     Riding Arena

q     Cover all type structures (fabric / hoop)

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What Projects do not Require a Building Permit?

A building permit is not required for a detached accessory structure (gazebo, tool shed, etc.) that measures 10 square metres (108 square feet) in area or less.

The following is a list of projects that do not require a permit*:

q     Installing asphalt shingles on a roof

q     Minor roof sheathing repairs

q     Repointing of brick veneer

q     Damp proofing of basements

q     Replacing siding

q     Replacing doors or windows (provided they are in the same size opening)

q     Kitchen or bathroom cabinets (not including plumbing)

q     New flooring

q     Installation of air conditioning units or heat pumps

q     Replacing existing forced-air furnace

q     Fences (not enclosing a pool - see the applicale pool by-law)

q     Pool heaters

q     Painting and decorating

q     Landscaping

q     Earthen manure storage structure

* Note: Although a building permit may not be required, your project must still comply with the Ontario Building Code and any applicable law, such as the zoning by-law.

Building Permit ,Restaurant Floor Plans,Bar Design,Café Design,Hair Salon Design,Office Floor Plan,Convenience Store Design,Retail Store Floor Plan

Church Floor Plans,Daycare Floor Plans,Custom House Plans,Second Floor Addition,WalkOut Basement,Basement Finishing,Deck Building Plans,Separate Entrance

Underpinning,Garage Addition,Home Addition,BCIN,Engineer Stamp,P.Eng.

Pre-Application Applicable Law (PAL) Review

The PAL Review is a detailed review of a building proposal to determine compliance with various applicable law requirements.

It is an open, flexible program with fewer limits on the number of reviews. Examiners will work with you throughout the process to achieve your goal of obtaining a Notice of Applicable Law Compliance.

PAL Highlights

  • For all types of construction proposals intended for future building permit application and may be used for Committee of Adjustment and Site Plan applications.
  • Provides written confirmation a proposal complies with the Zoning Bylaw and all other Applicable Law prior to submitting an application for building permit.
  • Written notices will be sent to you within specified time periods depending on the type of proposal.
  • Determines the amounts of Applicable Development Charges required to be paid prior to building permit issuance.
  • The PAL Review fee of 25% of the building permit fee is credited to the future permit application.

Preliminary Project Review (PPR)

The PPR provides one zoning review of plans submitted. Additional reviews require the submission of a new request with new fees.

PPR Highlights

  • Specifically intended for Committee of Adjustment applications, Sign Variances, business licenses, Right of Way permits such as curb cuts and preliminary projects.
  • Confirms Zoning compliance or details of noncompliance or areas where compliance could not be determined due to insufficient information.
  • Identifies other Municipal Applicable laws and Development Charges required for a future building permit but does not include a review of Municipal Applicable law documents or fee amounts
  • Fees vary between $75.00 and $500.00 depending on the proposal and are non-refundable.

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