Front Addition


Second floor addition is the way to go if you have a bungalow that is too small for you and you would like to increase the habitable area

Front addition is the way to go if you want to spice up your home’s curb appeal, change up the entrance, change the façade and add some extra space to your house. Front addition could also be the best option when you want to add a garage at the front or expand your one car garage to two car garage at the front.


If you have the existing house drawings and the site plan/survey send it to us via email/fax. If no, we could come out to measure out the existing house and prepare the as-built drawings to be use as bases for the two storey design.


Leave your information below so that we contact you for more info. And free estimate.





q     If you are planning to change the façade of the building from brick to stone or stucco or visa versa, you need to know the answer in the beginning as this would affect the design of the structure.

q     The new foundation shall be designed to accommodate the anchorage to the existing foundation without causing any damages.

q     Roof of the addition shall be designed to match the existing roof or blend in with the rest of the house.